​Local 1326 Membership

***  Local 1326 Union President
**    Local 1326 Vice President
*      Local 1326 Executive Board
Wallingford Firefighters work four shifts with an average of 15-17 firefighters per shift. We work two 10 hour days followed by two 14 hour nights, rotating. We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Shift 1

B/C James Duffy 
Lieutenant Robert Carlson 
Lieutenant/Paramedic Keith Schafer
Lieutenant/Paramedic Samuel Wilson, III

Firefighter James 'Sandy' Everson
*Firefighter Scott Smith
**Firefighter John Silvestri
Firefighter Mike Donlan
Firefighter/Paramedic Jon Michonski
Firefighter/Paramedic John Ferruolo
Firefighter/Paramedic Lou Chesery
Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Turick
Firefighter/Paramedic Tommy Chirico
Firefighter/Paramedic Bill D'Ambrose
Shift 3

*B/C Ed Butkus 
Lieutenant Patrick Hagerty
Lieutenant Kevin Bouchard
Lieutenant/Paramedic Joseph Davenport

Firefighter Daniel Carmody
Firefighter/Paramedic Ronald Dievert
*Firefighter Rich Sartori
Firefighter John Rainey
Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Marin
Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Beloin
Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Dingler
Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Krupinski
Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Standish
*Firefighter/Paramedic William Meade
Shift 2

B/C Rick Gibson 
Lieutenant Joseph Mule
Lieutenant William Massey
Lieutenant/Paramedic  William Barker

Firefighter Brian Owen
*Firefighter Gene Letourneau
Firefighter Dave Gade
Firefighter John Kruczek
Firefighter/Paramedic Mike Sokolowski
Firefighter/Paramedic John Horobin
Firefighter/Paramedic Jose Nunez
*Firefighter/Paramedic Aaron Desjardins
Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Gaity
Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan McCormack
Firefighter/Paramedic Brian Drena
Firefighter/Paramedic Ben Fox
Firefighter/Paramedic Nick DeVito
Shift 4

B/C Kris Sundwall
Lieutenant Dave Romano 
Lieutenant Robert Colangelo
Lieutenant Tom Brann

*Firefighter Roger Braun
Firefighter Douglas Coombs
Firefighter/Paramedic Leo Pon
Firefighter Brett Dowe
Firefighter/Paramedic Kenny Black
Firefighter/Paramedic Greg Marcotte
Firefighter/Paramedic Daniel Collins
Firefighter/Paramedic Dave Perrelli
Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Martino
Firefighter/Paramedic Evan Vaughn
​Firefighter/Paramedic Nate Kaufman
Firefighter Joseph Imbro
Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Rivera
Office of the Fire Marshal

Deputy Fire Marshal Shock Baitch***
​Deputy Fire Marshal Brian Shock